Online Statement of Confidentiality of Philadelphia Black Pride 

Statement of Confidentiality of Philadelphia Black Pride 

All Philadelphia Black Pride volunteers/interns/consultants are asked to sign the following statement at the initial time of involvement. 

As a volunteer/intern/consultant/contractor of Philadelphia Black Pride, I will not at any time disclose or use, either during or subsequent to my involvement:

A. Any information, knowledge or data which I receive or develop during my engagement which is consider proprietary of Philadelphia Black Pride Such information, knowledge or data may consist of the following which is by example only: processes, know-how, files, test results, accounting or financial data, salary data, marketing data, business plans and strategies, negotiations and contracts, research, customer vendor list and donor lists.

Furthermore, I understand that any information regarding operations is confidential and will be made available only to Philadelphia Black Pride staff involved in providing services to that client.

I further agree that upon completion/termination of my role & contract with Philadelphia Black Pride, I shall promptly return any and all documents containing the above information, knowledge or data relating thereto, to Philadelphia Black Pride.

This agreement shall be binding upon my successors, heirs, assigns, and personal representatives and shall be for the benefit of the successors and assigns of Philadelphia Black Pride. In the event that a dispute arises concerning this agreement and a lawsuit is filed, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

Legal Name *
Legal Name
I understand that my continued involvement with Philadelphia Black Pride is contingent upon my compliance with this agreement.